Dental Program (for ages 0 to 18 in Washington County)

Preventative Care and Education; Case Management as Needed

The Dental Program has a history of continually expanding to meet children's needs for oral health education and preventive care. In 1976, the Dental Program began visiting schools to provide oral health education. A toothbrush distribution program and school-administered fluoride rinse schedule rounded out the Dental Program's activities. Today, the Dental Program focuses on preventing oral health disease in local elementary schools, Head Starts, and preschool programs. Children with their parents' permission may have a dental screening, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment, and/or dental sealant placements.

Dental Clinic - NYU Dentistry

A team of dental providers from NYU College of Dentistry offer dental services to Maine residents at the Lee/Pellon Center (behind Subway) in Machias.
Please click here to see the video!

WCCP is pleased to be working with New York University Dentistry with support from Delta Dental Plan of Maine and partners (Washington Hancock Community Agency, Child and Family Opportunities, and Henry Schein Cares) to bring the "NYU Dentistry – Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program" to Washington County. and Click Here for the Flyer

To learn more about how you and/or your children can receive dental care at no cost to you, contact: Washington County Children's Program, 207-255-3254 or 800-545-0873.

With parent permission, dentists from NYU Dentistry will be providing complete dental care, including the services listed below, to children/students.

Pediatric Dental Care:

Services offered for children include:

There is no charge to you for these services.

If your child already receives these services from your family dentist, please continue this dental care. This outreach program is for children who may not receive complete dental care, and is not meant to replace regular services s/he may already be receiving.

Efforts will be made to help transport children at:

Head Start programs in Washington County
Rose M. Gaffney School
Elm St. Elementary School
Jonesboro Elementary School
Fort O'Brien Elementary School

CLINIC HOURS - April 2018
Apr 9: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Apr 10: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Apr 11: 8:30am – 6:30pm
Apr 12: CLOSED
Apr 13: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Apr 14: 8:30am – 1:00pm

Contact Number for 2018 Dental Clinic: 207-255-3254

All other children with dental needs are welcome on a walk-in basis during the clinic hours.

Adult Patients:

Emergency dental care will be available to adult patients.

Services include:

Do I have to pay for these services?

No. Patients will not be charged a fee or co-pay for services. You will be asked for your insurance/MaineCare information (if you have one).

Who is eligible?

Anyone who does not have access to dental care right now. If you are already getting treatment from your dentist, please continue care with him/her. This program is not meant to replace your regular dental visits.

How do I make an appointment?

Adult patients will be seen on a walk-in basis, first-come, first-served. No appointments for adults. To make an appointment for your child please call 255-3254.

Dental Case Management

Dental Case Management is assistance for children and their families in need of further dental care. Finding a dental provider in Washington County can be a challenge. WCCP's Dental Program offers Dental Case Management for children and their families to assist in finding dental providers. Hygienists will identify and help eliminate barriers to dental care.

Dental Library and Education

Educational dental websites:

American Dental Association

American Dental Hygienists' Association

Kids Oral Health Partnership

Maine Dental Access Coalition

From the First Tooth

Another great resource:

Let's Go! This website is about healthy choices for children and families, including exercises and eating healthier foods.

Preventive Dental Hygiene Services

Good oral health is necessary for success in school and society. Our preventive services benefit each child served.

The Dental Program focuses on preventing oral health disease in local elementary schools, Head Starts, day cares and preschool program. Children with their parents' permission may have a dental screening, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment, and/or dental sealant placements.

Prevention is the most practical way to fight the problem of dental disease. Our re-visits to 7th & 8th grade students who received dental sealants as part of our second grade sealant program, are showing that sealants are remaining on teeth for at least 5 years from application which is much higher than we could have hoped.

School Oral Health Program

Our dental program visits Washington County elementary schools.

School Oral Health Program (SOHP), funded by Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention - Maine Oral Health Program, offers elementary schools:

Elementary schools: Alexander, Bay Ridge – Cutler, Beals, Beatrice Rafferty, Calais Elementary, Charlotte, Cherryfield, DW Merritt – Addison, East Range II – Topsfield, Edmunds Consolidated, Ella Lewis School – Steuben, Fort O'Brien – Machiasport, Harrington, Elm Street – E. Machias, Jonesport, Jonesboro, , Milbridge, Pembroke, Perry, Princeton, Rose M. Gaffney School – Machias, Wesley, Whiting Village, and Woodland.

Preschool Settings: Passamaquoddy Head Start and pre-k classrooms in all elementary schools.

Tooth Fairy Van

Tooth Ferry

WCCP's dental hygienists provide Washington County children with preventive care and education on the Tooth Ferry mobile dental truck.

Talk about service delivery! The Tooth Ferry, built in 2003, is the first "made in Maine" mobile dental unit. The Tooth Ferry visits 30 schools and 8 preschool sites each year. Overall, the Dental Program reaches over 2000 individual children each year. The Tooth Ferry is much in demand at health fairs and other community events around the calendar.

Examples of sites where services are performed: Head Starts, preschools, school health centers, and child cares. Its effects on the distribution of services, and on public awareness of oral health issues in Washington County, has been tremendous.

The Tooth Ferry was created with support from the Maine Health Access Foundation.