Frank Beckett Center Renewal Project

Frank Beckett Center

Current Frank Beckett Center Entrance

A group of parents and friends of children with mental retardation started Sunrise Opportunities in 1957. At that time, children who could not keep up with their classmates were not allowed to remain in school. People who were concerned about giving them the opportunity to learn to their maximum potential formed this organization in order to deliver specialized services tailored to their specific ability levels. The first program served 10 children, and was staffed by a variety of volunteers.

Since 1984 Sunrise Opportunities has been providing daytime programming services for individuals with disabilities at the Frank Beckett Center in Calais, Maine. These services include but are not limited to community inclusion, personal development, and support in areas of daily living. The Beckett Center currently provides services for over 20 individuals in the Calais area.

Frank Beckett Center Designs

The Beckett Center was originally a factory building built in the early 1900s and is currently nearing the end of its useful life. During the building's time as a factory a fire consumed a large section of the building, repairs were made by building over the burnt beams and floors which can still be seen today from the basement. Reinforcements have been added to the basement to support the building and cables have been added to the truss system to add years of service. The buildings entries have elevations well above ground level requiring a ramp of over 100 feet for entry into the building.

Frank Beckett Center Designs

In order to assure continued services in the Calais area a new Beckett Center has been designed. The new design will better meet the needs of our mobility challenged and aging clientele while allowing for expansion of programs that the current building will not allow. New kitchen and dining areas will meet increased demand due to growth in the client base over the last 30 years. Expandable rooms will allow for group activities impossible to accomplish within the current building's constraints.

With the design phase of the new Beckett Center complete Sunrise Opportunities is now seeking a means of funding the construction of the new building. Sunrise has been serving people with disabilities in our community for the past 50 plus years. Completion of this project will ensure services to clients without interruption for the next 50 years!

Frank Beckett Center Designs